From the recording Incantation

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Anna: vocals, synths
Matt Brown: drum programming & loop, bass, electric guitars


Under the floorboards
more of these memories
broken artifacts
It’s not exact science in the dissonance it creates
there is no sleep I can fall into from,
under the floorboards, vacant memories
as far as I can see
relenting is harder than me, than me
It’s a nervous world. It can guarantee that
With the perimeter set
you believe you can change anything
with your hands on electrical things
But you stay neutral for fear of swallowing glass
The vow is broken now
relenting is harder than me, than me
In a nervous world, it can guarantee that
I’m not indestructible
The terror of feeling weak
I writhe in all directions
I’m always losing sleep
To get out from under these floorboards
To get out from under this state
It’s not safe to look for love here
There is still too much at stake
I stay invisible, not sure who the enemy is
But if the piss and vinegar fits, I’ll wear it
and still relenting is harder than me
(the terror of this, the terror I’m at
A terror with no direction)