From the recording Talk is Cheap

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Anna: vocals, piano, B3 organ, keyboards
Matt Brown: guitars, bass
James McAlister: drums, percussion


The unreliable narrator
facts and fiction have blurred the lines
You turn around to find the story inverted
unrepresented and undefined
A character without character in it
and credibility is compromised
Flirting with truth when it swings in its favor
No discipline, an irresistible lie
The path of least resistance is hollow
but he’s not a warrior he will follow
All I could do was break the fourth wall and vanish
Such a disappointment
How could you miss the point?
It’s such a disappointment
Several chapters with our narrator
a poor historian of our text
His ignorance of himself is astounding
he takes as fact that all else contradicts
We’re left high and dry by our narrator
he fails to see all the connections between
events unfolding in a plain to see manner
A black hole torn in reality
How could you miss the point? It’s such a disappointment
And now the credits roll, and I’m escaping this black hole
into the epilogue, I made it to the denouement
The author dots his ‘i’s
I can’t see what he writes
I’m worlds away and somewhere else
Here’s a quiet spot far beyond the plot
Close the curtain tight enough, well enough