1. Lazy Heart

From the recording Talk is Cheap

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Anna: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Matt Brown: guitars, bass
James McAlister: drums


It’s not the day that you think
Coming out of the thick of things
With my bulletproof vest I took one in the arm
I took one in the chest
There are no negotiations in this
Like a double agent with a silent death wish
Don’t muzzle yourself, I keep telling you
And this mess is enough for the proof
I’d draw you out or I’d leave you behind
Are you asleep? Did a lazy heart turn down the dial?
Oh, oh, and the lines go silent, quiet
Oh, oh, no communication’s violent
Oh, oh, are you there? I can only hear your static
Oh, oh, turn on the radio, you have it
This mission was a critical stage
Two partners in crime for as long as it takes
With these bullets in hand, I wonder where you were
I retrace all the steps to the first
I’m healing nicely, make no mistake
I stood for something, some threads may break
On my way home, my thoughts turn to you
How we said we would see this thing through
And now we’re out, I never did leave you behind
You fell asleep and a lazy hand fell on the dial
the lines go silent, quiet
no communication’s violent
are you there? I can only hear your static
turn on the radio, don’t panic