1. Verb

From the recording Talk is Cheap

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Anna: vocals, keyboards, synths, noise samples
Matt Brown: guitar, programming and noise samples


I’m running through the last page
I’m well inside those words
I place the sentence and I follow inside that verb
A sickness, its fate, so patient a liar
There’s nothing to move me, I’m walking a wire
Throw out the windows, a bendable house
I’ve tried on the lion, I’ve tried on the mouse
Don’t let me look down pull me back from the ledge
I hate to have to hold myself back (I’m better than dead)
But I can’t see the words. The words.
There’s nothing to say, oh no, and I’m inside that verb.
I’ve broken out of orbit, I watch for bread crumbs now
The vultures circle something (not me...)
They wonder how I made it alive, I made it this far
I wear all my beauty, I wear all my scars
Fear is combustible, water is love
It’s fire and water I’m walking above
...the words…
I’m half across this canyon, I know I’m walking blind
I look for signs from angels to help me one more time
And isn’t this life? Isn’t this love?
Aren’t the stories we’ve written enough?
I’ve thrown up my hands, closing my eyes
keep walking and walking to the other side
...the words…