1. Evidence of Me

From the recording Talk is Cheap

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Anna: vocals, piano, rhodes
Matt Brown: guitar, bass
James McAlister: drums


I can stay here all day
where there’s no evidence of me
I’ve run all around
I’ve seen half the town
I can go to sleep at night with no evidence of me
With no evidence of me
There’s always another skin
To wrap up the pain I’m in
I know what has run you down
I know why you turn around
It’s still not enough to erase the evidence of me
The evidence of me
In the quiet of my room
I can sing my quiet tune
I’ve seen myself in every window
I close my eyes and dream I’m there
Three, I’m snapped back and find I’m home
Two, I write down the things I know
I feel the evidence of you and see the evidence of me
And see the evidence of me