1. Talk is Cheap

From the recording Talk is Cheap

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Anna: vocals, guitar
Matt Brown: guitars, bass
James McAlister: drums


Sleeping inside out and half of the time
History’s made in a moment
Forgotten then takes an eye
The ink has run dry
I’ll keep my mouth shut tight
I bet they dig pretty deep for a line
I’m insisting you write there
Go on and make it a bit clearer to me
Spell out the letters in focus
Words mean nothing, and talk is cheap
It’s a brutal shape
I’d watch you prune my vine
and turn me into a flower
I’d have to stay out of the sunshine
What a weary mile in details and degree
I’m nothing but a weed and more never suited me
You go back and forth stacking playing cards
Even committed to paper, your intentions never get too far
That’s hardly a scratch, I’ll keep my eyes on your back
This is where my weight ends and yours begins
(words mean nothing broken, I can’t stand you talking
words mean nothing broken, your talk is cheap)