1. Contract

All music written and performed by Anna Madorsky ℗© 2015
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Gutted ruins flanked the empty street upon which I rode
and through the center of this gothic town a dark water flowed
I was frightened and unbalanced but remained seated at the wheel
Unable to determine the nature of the twisted deal.

Something kept me there, some kind of contract from the fates
Unspoken but distended from the thickness of its bloated weight
Had a cauldron's witchcraft brought me to this place?
Had an ancient dark covenant kept me in its gates?

Must I always feel hungry? Must I always feel small?
Each time that I’m finished, must I learn how to crawl?

As time unwound itself, like a woman unrolling from a coil
I saw a shape emerge slowly in which the pair of us were embroiled:
She was I, and I and he to her we did comply
But tenets deeply bound in friendship must now edify

If I always feel hungry, if I always feel small
Each time that I’m finished, would I learn how to crawl?

I look at my companion, and beyond him to the open sea.
And if I love, and I do love, I must now free him willingly
If in a haze so long ago I bound him to this cup
It's time I give this signature I've written freely up.

I want to always feel hungry, I want to always feel small
Each time it’s replenished, I want to pour out it all